My name is Jerilynn Davis, a servant of LORD JESUS CHRIST, who lives in the United States with my loving husband. This website is a result of ALMIGHTY GOD providing me the inspiration and equipping me to set it up. I was sitting in my home office one bright winter day with the window blind open while enjoying the azure blue sky. It was so striking because there were hardly any clouds. Not long after this, I noticed some beautiful, large, feathery clouds and pulled up the blind. The feathery clouds seemed to draw closer to our house and I began taking photos of them. At that moment, The LORD spoke to my heart and provided me the plans for Jesus The Good News.Com. This is why I use the blue sky and feathery clouds image for the website logo. THANK YOU, DEAR ABBA FATHER!
It is a privilege to share the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST, the only One who provides us hope in a spiritually darkened world. The true light of the Living Word of ALMIGHTY GOD is what I live for today, and every moment that The LORD GOD blesses me with. My life was not always filled with the joy of The LORD because I was raised in a catholic household and was indoctrinated into this pagan cult. Sadly enough, I believed that being a “chosen catholic” meant that I had a free ticket to salvation. I foolishly thought just because I knew parts of the bible, knew about The FATHER, The SON, and The HOLY GHOST, and attended a “dead religion mass” every week that I was okay. The LORD GOD tried to get my attention several times and used people to witness to me, but I chose to ignore His call upon my heart and “do it my own way”. In my state of arrogance and ignorance, I thought it was foolish to get down on my knees and repent. My thought pattern was that I did not need to call on JESUS CHRIST and declare that I was a sinner and spiritually dead without Him.
Instead of choosing the narrow path that leads to JESUS CHRIST, I chose the broad way of the world and lived this way for many years. The LORD GOD equipped me to write my first book of poetry based on my journey from darkness to light through salvation and this book, entitled, “POEMS FROM ABBA FATHER”, contains my complete testimony. If you would like more information on the book, you may send me an email because supplies are limited.
After I finally answered The LORD’S call upon my heart and was saved, my life was completely transformed. Fear of the unknown, despair, and confusion was replaced with hope, joy, and clarity because I knew my true value in CHRIST JESUS! The LORD GOD filled me with comfort and confidence in Him and this was something I had never experienced before. The HOLY SPIRIT led me to attend a ministry school and I was equipped by The LORD GOD to become an ordained minister. It was during this time that The LORD brought my future husband and me together and I call him my Gift From The Lord. As a female minister, I have no right to hold a title of authority within the Church, which is the true Body of Christ. However, I am permitted to witness online and on the street to the unsaved as a minister and this is truly an honour to bring all glory to ALMIGHTY GOD!
I pray that you browse through the website and are encouraged by the information. If you need a bible, just click on the “Bibles” tab to request one. MAY THE LORD GOD CONTINUE TO RICHLY BLESS YOU!